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    Power performance and configuration

    The machine tool adopts the Longmen slant way, the bed body adopts the welding structure and the aging treatment, has good rigidity, the structure is stable, the rotary table adopts AC servo motor drive, and the transformer's moving part adopts the rectangular linear guide. The whole raceway quenching can be completed at once. The inductor has the function of up and down and left and right movement, and the AC servo motor is used to control the positioning accuracy.

    Equipment configuration

    Machine tool structure: Longmen type frame + horizontal rotary table

    Rotation mode: turntable rotation

    Work style: inclined (the inner / outer clamping)

    Clamping: it can be manually corrected (optional automatic alignment, automatic clamping / loosening).

    Quenching parameters: touch-screen settings (optional SIEMENS 802C/802D/840D).

    Electronic control: touch screen and PLC (optional SIEMENS 802C/802D/840D).

    Large / small workpiece adjustment: adjust the position of claw

    Display: quenching speed, cooling water temperature, quenching liquid thermometer, workpiece and inductor, causing short circuit protection device.

    Drive motor: AC servo motor

    Axial position: 3

    Number of digits: 1

    Consistency of quench quality: good 

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